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USB Audio Adapter X 1


Output Level:  500mV
Line-In Sensitivity:  300mV
*T.H.D. : <0.25%
S/N Ratio: >60 dB
Separation: 40 dB

*Distortion specifications are expressed by the term THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).

System Requirements

IBM Compatible PC or iMac computer
Available USB Port
Win 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
Mac OS 9.1
CD-ROM drive

(IBM Viavoice,iMovie and iVisit is not supported of recording function)

USB Audio Adapter X1 by CoolGear
USB audio adapter X 1, see key features and functions below.

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The USB Audio Adapter X1 is compatible with all windows operating systems

USB audio adapter

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  • Controls - Stereo volume up, down, mute
  • Specials - Automatic Standby Control
    (ASC) functional LED feedback
  • Voice Mail - Send Voice Email through use of recording facility
  • Recording - Via built in microphone or auxiliary line inputs
  • Digital Audio - Complete digital audio playback and recording solutions
  • Internet Conference - No need of sound card, talk through Internet
  • Phone - Save the international phone cost, just pay the Internet and local cost
  • I/O Jacks -Stereo microphone or walkman input, amplify speakers or earphone jack
Included in the box: USB Audio Adapter, WinRip Software and user manual.
USB sound audio usb sound adapter

A look at the functions of the USB Audio Adapter X 1. Installing sound cards are now a thing of the past as this USB audio device is Hot plug-n-play and eliminates the need to install drivers.

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USB Audio Adapter desk spaceThis COOL little device from CoolGear and provides what its name suggests - link your sound to a PC or iMac through the universal serial bus (USB) port instead of a sound card. What makes this particular audio adapter stand out is its size. Measuring only 9x5x1.5 cm, if you�re always on the move this device is a great complement to your peripherals. There�s no need to carry around an extra power source as the USB audio adapter draws its power from the USB port. A very cool feature of the USB audio adapter is it�s a hot plugging connection, just pop it in and it will be automatically detected by your plug-n-play compatible system with out need for a reboot. Because this device is plug-n-play the install is simple and trouble free, when I plugged this into my USB port the audio device was already installed by XP before I could get the software disc out of the box. I was up and running in no time in following the steps in the user manual. The audio adapter can be used in any number of ways including but not limited to Internet Conferencing, Dictation, Volume Control, Recording CD's while you listen and more.

Reasons for using the USB audio adapterThere are a number of reasons why USB audio is preferred to the built-in audio on existing PC's or iMac.
  • Electrical noise inside your computer - Higher frequency noise coming from other sources can degrade the quality of your built-in or installed sound card.
  • Moving away from other noise sources - By changing the location of the sound source from the sound card to the USB audio adapter, a cleaner and more effective audio sound can be achieved.
  • A better quality - By using the USB cable, signals are carried from the computer digitally giving a much more superior sound than commonly accustomed to.
  • Another useful advantage but not sound related is the fact that by using the USB audio adapter you will free up the PCI or ESA slot your sound card was. This allows you to expand your computer in an efficient manner.

Application Software

Application Software (For Win 98SE/ME/2000/XP)

Install screen for the aidio adapter
  • MP3 PLayer and CD-Ripper
  • File manager catalogs and locates music by Artist, Genre, and more
  • Player mode supports multiple skins
  • Patent-pending InterVidio Data Injection (IDI) feature displays lyrics and web pages in sync with the music
  • Integral Internet Browser works with IDA content to link MP3 files with artist web sites
  • Digital Signal Processor with surround, tone control, and reverb effects
audio adapter actual screen shot after install has been completed
Actual screen shot of the audio adapter software WinRip. The screen shot is of actual
size of the program on the desktop.


I had fun using the audio adapter and the WinRip program. I had downloaded Hotel California by Contraband, set it up to play by plugging my PC speakers into the output jack of the audio adapter. The adapter is quick and easy as I didn't have to reach for any external power source or knobs to control volume. In the screen shot above you see only one of the many different and fun skins available from the installed software. The program and its different skins do not take much room on your desktop and can be dragged around the screen. You can also play and record a CD of your favorite artist at the same time with the audio adapter. All in all this is a great device for fun or practical use such as, voice recording, Internet Conferencing and more. Download the Audio Adapter manual for more information.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional

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